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For most, combining the words Healthy and Aging in the same sentence might seem out like mixing oil and water. Yet, we all want to “age gracefully” and live active, vibrant lives.  Is it possible to be healthy as we age? Of course it is...

All that special holiday food often causes even the healthiest eaters to overindulge causing heartburn, reflux, indigestion and bloating.  Perhaps you are eating too much protein, or combining the wrong foods.  Your solutions could be as simple as a few natural supplements. Indigestion can mean...

Essential oils have been used by “healers” for centuries. These oils can be used in several ways including aromatically and topically.  Aromatherapy and the topical use of these oils has been thought of by many to be a form of snake oil, but in recent...

Mental clarity issues are becoming a very hot topic these days.  Parents now come to me looking for something to help their children as well as themselves.  There are a multitude of reasons we can suffer from decreased “mental” power.  Issues like not enough sleep,...