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Dave Foreman, RPh, ND is a retired pharmacist, Naturopathic Doctor, author, television commentator, radio host and practitioner of natural living and holistic approaches to better health.

His weekly radio program is broadcast 1250 WHNZ Tampa Bay Mon-Fri from 12noon - 1pm EST. You can listen live online by click here. If you missed any shows you can catch the HerbalPharmacist Podcast!

Dave is the owner of "The Herbal Pharmacist® Newsletter" and currently a contributing columnist for several Natural Health publications.

Visit Dave's Facebook Herbal Pharmacist® Page and get up to the minute information on health and ask your questions!

HerbalPharmacist Podcast : Tune in weekly for new shows! If you have questions for The Herbal Pharmacist, visit his FaceBook page and post and your questions will be answered!

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The Herbal Pharmacist Blog

Be sure to visit: http://herbalpharmacist.blog.com for my latest articles on natural healing. I cover topics pertaining to a wide variety of health issues and natural preventions.

Please feel free to post questions and comments.


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