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Is your memory going bad because you have too many trains on the track or because you are in the beginning stages of Age-related Cognitive Decline (ARCD)? We all expect to lose a bit of our memory as we age. I remember my Grandmother suffering...

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that begins in autumn or early winter and generally lasts from 5-7 months until spring. The early loss of sunlight in the winter appears to induce chemical changes in the brain that bring on depression. When the...

Back to school is here. Where did the summer go? With back to school come many health issues that can be approached very simply with my 4 Pillars of great health. The biggest issues facing moms and dads at this time of year are keeping...

While working in my pharmacy I had a regular customer who came in monthly to purchase her memory pills (lecithin). She would walk in and say “Dave, I need my memory pills” and reach down and pick up a bottle and walk to the register....

This article isn’t about the price of gasoline but the fact that millions of Americans are running out of physical and emotional energy. I am not referring directly to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in this article, but the growing number of people who suffer from being...

In 1980, Doctor Hiroyuki Sumi was in the middle of searching for a natural agent that had thrombolytic effects (able to break up blood clots). The enzyme he was looking for would be able to dissolve the clots associated with heart attacks and stroke. After testing...

With Lung Cancer awareness month upon us, I thought it would be most appropriate to help those of you who are still smoking quit. I often get asked why I don’t tell people to stop smoking. The answer is very simple; everyone knows that smoking is...

You have probably heard of antioxidants by now, but why do we take them? The answer is simple; we are constantly being bombarded by “Free Radicals”. We only ever hear about taking antioxidants because they are good for you and never hear or understand what they...