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Normally I do a long post on specific health challenges and my natural approaches, but today I want to encourage you to finish this year strong and carry it over into the new year.  Check out my blog post on Goals and how to set/achieve them.  Why wait until the beginning of the new year to get back on the right path?  The following are some suggestions to get you going in the right direction:

  1.  Be more active: examples such as parking further from the store entrance and walking in or taking the stairs.  Over 25 years ago I started a workout program and could only last 8 minutes on my stationary bike.  I just kept at it and by the end of 6 weeks I was able to ride for over 30.  It takes baby “steps” sometimes but in the end there are so many benefits I can’t possibly mention them here.
  2. Eat a rainbow each day: Look for fruits and veggies that are of each color of the rainbow.  Blue (Blueberry), Orange (Oranges), Yellow (Yellow Peppers), Red (Cherries, raspberries), you get the idea.  If fruits and veggies are a struggle, try adding a new color once a week and keep the one(s) from the past week(s). Eventually, you will have it down!
  3. Avoid starches and sugar: This could be the biggest one. I have written numerous articles on these two over the past few years including: Obesity epidemic, Resistant Starch, ,Carbs 101, Glycemic Index, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, etc.  The bottom line is these carbs are E.V.I.L to our health.
  4. Become more spiritual: Science (Yes science) has shown that people who pray and/or attend church on a regular basis have better health and health outcomes.  I know I will get pushback from people on this point and can handle it.  Bottom line is that if you are already “eating right”, exercising, taking supplements and still feel or look like garbage…What do you have to lose?   I encourage you to look into and fully participate in your religion (all-in).

Lastly: I wish you all a great last week of the year and a fantastic year to come.  Happy New Year from my family to yours!

-David aka The Herbal Pharmacist